headshotI am a Professor of German Studies, with appointments in History and Media Studies, at the University of Virginia, where I teach and write about a range of subjects within European intellectual history, the history of technology and universities, and media and social theory. I am also the co-director of UVA’s New Curriculum and am Principal of Brown College. I studied political theory at Davidson College and then did my graduate work at UC Berkeley.

I have written or edited books on the history of anthropology, the modern research university, the history of reading and print, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Max Weber. Within the past several years, I have also published in The Times Literary SupplementThe Chronicle of Higher Education, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and Hedgehog Review. Recently, I have been leading, with Andrew Piper and Mohamed Cheriet, The Visibility of Knowledge: The Computational Study of Scientific Illustration in the Long Nineteenth Century, a project which combines computational techniques and the history of knowledge to study how scientific knowledge became visible to readers over the course of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I am currently completing a new book, Permanent Crisis: The Humanities in a Disenchanted Age, with Paul Reitter.

Contact me at: mcw9d@virginia.edu



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